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Turquoise Bead Power bracelet with Infinity 8 knot.

Power bracelets consist of small spherical crystals strung together on a piece of elastic thread, which can then be worn on the wrist. The qualities of the particular crystal used will then influence you as you go about your life. By wearing a particular bracelet, you are inviting the energy of that particular crystal into your life. 

These bracelets are made from re-constituted Turquoise, it is much stronger than when used in its natural state.

Diameter of crystal spheres approx 8mm.

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Healing   ~    Communication   ~    Purification

Allows to feel the release of powerful healing energies for mind, body & spirit - cleansing , balancing and healing. Allows to 'let go' old behaviours which no longer support or nurture. Enhances communication and aids protection.

Throat Chakra



Coastal Crystals

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Turquoise power bracelet With Infinity Knot

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