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Pyramids, Towers & Obelisks

Carved raw and polished pyramids, towers, obelisks - all freestanding and beautiful!

Consider a colour changing light for the Selenite towers (video on our Facebook page)  - looks amazing!! 

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There are many different ways to connect your head and your heart with crystals but using a pyramid-shaped crystal is one of the easiest and most effective.   Pyramids work the best for this type of crystal healing work due to the points that work to transmit energy between the two crystals. For this application, you will need two pyramids.
Lay down someplace comfortable with minimal noise or disturbances. Place one pyramid in the centre of your forehead and place the other over the centre of your chest. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. Imagine a white, soft light transmitting the energy between your head and heart.

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