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Orthoceras Egg  - 305g
Orthoceras Egg  - 305g
Orthoceras Egg  - 305g
Orthoceras Egg  - 305g
Orthoceras Egg  - 305g

Product Description

Carved and polished egg shaped Orthoceras specimen. Photos showing all sides and top & bottom. 

Dimensions:- 7.5cm high x 5.5cm, circumference 16cm      Weight:- 305g

This is the crystal you will receive with a small acrylic stand (not the stand pictured).

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The orthoceras was an ancient mollusc living more than 400 million years ago.  The name means straight horn and refers to the long, straight, conical shell. The soft body lived in the last open-ended segment of the conical shell.  As the body grew and the housing became too small a dividing wall called a septa grew to separate the old chamber from the ones.  The differences in shells caused the differences in fossilisation so that these parts can be seen. The short curved lines running across or side to side are called septa.  

The siphuncle is a tube running the entire length of the shell through each of the chambers and once filled with water the creature could force this water out to propel itself backwards through the water.  By releasing the water and leaving air space the same tube could serve as a buoyancy device allowing the animal adjust it’s depth in the water. They ranged from less than a centimetre in length to more that 14 feet long!

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Protection    ~    Ancient Knowledge    ~       Intuition

By meditating with the fossil’s energy you may feel a connection to the ancient Earth and all the knowledge that it contains.  The stone is said to offer up an abundance of life force energy which can be used in areas where we most need it. 

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Orthoceras Egg - 305g

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