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Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm
Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm
Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm
Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm
Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm

Product Description

Gorgeous patterning on this Mookaite Pyramid.

Approx size:- 35mm x 35mm x 35mm   Weight 46g

This is the actual pyramid you will receive.

Mookaite, also known as Mookaite Jasper, is found only in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.  It varies in colour from bright yellow to deep red and also has shades of white, cream, burgundy, purple and mauve. 

Nurturing        ~        Protection         ~         Self Confidence

Nurturing, supportive and aids decision making during times of stress.  Protects against negativity, blocked unwanted influences.  Encourages emotional growth helping us to see possibilities ahead, increasing self confidence, self worth and attainment of full potential. Encourages decision making and focus while keeping us grounded and soothes the mind. 

Heart, Solar plexus and Root Chakra 


Coastal Crystals

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Mookaite Pyramid 'B' - 35mm

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